Not sure if too many of you really know, know my Hunny!!! He's a funny sort of character...I'm sure its just a MALE GENE that everyman gets but I find it pretty flipping funny!! A couple of weeks ago a guy stopped by our house saw that in our garage we have a 1200 seadoo/jetski. the guy right there offers Dug 5 grand as is...( Dug put a hole in the hull last summer was suppose to fix it over the winter and never got around to it!!...thats a whole other MAN story!!) Dug said no he liked having the seadoo's....anyway a day... thats right ONE DAY goes by and Dug's brain starts to think!!" You know Shari maybe he'd take both Seadoo's and the trailer..that way we could buy a lil seadoo boat.. that'd be better with Kali instead of the ones we have now!" ( Dug knowing full well by pulling the Kali card I'd does make sense and right now I don't go out cuz none of my girlfriends ride but if I had... I mean WE had a lil boat I could take my girlfiends!!.... Yup that sounds like a good idea!!)
The guy comes back has a look again and says hes interested in both machines and the tralier... he asks Dug how many ATV's we have. He has a 2005 Scrambler he'd give us and then pay some money on top. Dug sorta shakes his head and says even though we'd like to get another ATV for me he'd rather put this money right back into the same kind of toy.. a boat! The guy leaves.. no kidding NEXT DAY.. Dug and I are driving home when he turns the wrong way... I say "HUNNY where are you going?" " Thought I'd pop by Aarons and see if maybe he'd want to take the seadoos and trailer and trade straight across my snowmobile for his ATV" " Oh.." I said while laughing!! So sure enough the next night Aaron shows up trades his ATV for our snowmobile and buys our two seadoos and trailer. After all is said and done, Dug and I are watching TV... I look over at him and can see smoke coming from his ears...." Hunny watch'ya thinking about?" " You know Shari I should of told Aaron the seadoos, trailer, trade across the sled for the ATV and added in my TRUCK!!!" ...." it could of been a huge package deal!!" I fell off the couch from laughing!! My lil traderman... I think hes got a future in SALES!!!!
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3 Responses
  1. Pen Says:

    ooh I wish Hal had a little more of the bartering trait, lol. He leaves the wheeling and dealing to me most of the time.

    LOL at the truck comment too!

    xo Pen

  2. org junkie Says:

    Yes I'm definitely the wheeler and dealer in my house too. I must say that was pretty impressive of Doug!

  3. Jenny Says:

    I'm not at all a wheeler dealer. Scott's okay if he has to barter, only on travels.