Theres no real way to jump into a blog and tell about a tragedy....except to just do it. It seems so inpersonal and without emotion....
My Uncle Allan... is my moms sister husband.... he was in an ATV accident the other day. They live in Ontario so we don't know 100% what happened and how everyone is fairing. I do know that my uncle will be wheelchair bound he broke his back by trying to jump clear of the machine only to have it come down on him and crush his spine. Apparently they had to remove 8 inches off his spine. He is now a paraplegic..... We are all thankful that he is still alive. My Auntie Deb who I think is an all round amazing woman anyway is holding it all together and being strong for her family. She is the take charge do everything kind of woman and she and my uncle are soooo in love..... still after all theses years. I know my Uncle Allan's life was spared and for that my Auntie is soooooo very could of been way worse!!! I haven't seen my Uncle in a long time but what I remeber of him...he too is an amazing man, giving and hard working. Its a shame that this had to happen to such a great guy.....but it did and now he has a new set of challenges ahead of him.......and knowing him....I know he'll do it and do it great!! He'll go back to work...hes an engineer so he should be able to continue to work from an office. He's allways been very active and I think he won't let anything stop him. They will struggle but they will all overcome!!!!!!!! please say a prayer for him and his family for a speedy recovery on the rehabilitation road.... for their spirits to be high, for them to think ahead for they can all do this together as a family and to be thankful that he is alive and for them to always remember that when they get down!!! thanks sooo much God Bless
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  1. org junkie Says:

    Oh Shari I'm so sorry. I will definitely include them in my prayers. Thinking of you. Laura

  2. Tanya Says:

    I will definitely keep them in my prayers Shari. God will keep them and bless them, He is able...even in the midst of tragedy.

  3. Jenny Says:

    I will continue to include them in my prayers. Thinking of your family darling!!

  4. Pen Says:

    Sending prayers for your family Shari! If he can remember that you can't change yesterday, worrying about tomorrow won't change what will happen but you can focus on today and make the most of it.

    xo Pen

  5. Janelle Says:

    thinking of you & your family Shari! i'm always stunned when something so tragic happens - but I know that God will take care of them...and give them peace.