Beautiful day at the park

wearing my new top from Nana


Boy that mist feels good!!

Daddie playing airplane

Uncle Al and Kali trying to name his new boat!!

Daddie and Kali in Al's backyard

Kali checking out the new boat

I love it up high!!

Tomorrow we are off in the AM for garage treasure hunting... hopefully we'll find some deals!! After that we are going to the Village for " Music in the Park" or something titled like that.... I am doing the first shift of First Aid then We're free to enjoy the rest of the day!! Should be a blast... Hoping Jen and the boys make it out, Pen and Nancy are going should be fun.... I just wanna EAT!!! should be some good eatings there!! so Gotta get all our stuff together tonite don't wanna be late garage sale'in!!hope you all have a great weekend!!
I'll eat some Bannock for ya!!
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4 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    Missed you guys!!! Hope you had a good time. I had to try and organize this house. It's way too hot these days!! Not enjoying the weather at all!!!!

  2. Jenny Says:

    What did Dug's friend name his boat...the Kalijoy?

  3. ShariJoy Says:

    Nope... his first boat was "gotta go!!" we laughed at " gotta go 2" hes gonna paint it Black and Blue so I said you could name it that too, he likes it and just might!! who knows!!!!!! I gotta go... too work haha!! talk to you later

  4. org junkie Says:

    Little Kali Joy so suits her name! What a sweetie.