Can anyone believe its the middle of JULY!!!!!! like did I blink and miss the entire summer?? I know we have kept ourselves busy.........but I don't even feel like we put a dent in our "THINGS TO GET DONE AROUND THE HOUSE" List. Our bathroom= still waiting for moulding to be cut and hung....its painted waiting to go!! we have a mammouth dirt pile out front to distrubute around the yard in various flower beds and some for the front lawn. The weeds are out of control.......we dug up some of the BAMBOO.. but theres no killing that stuff!! its thinner than it was but we still have lots of work there!! My kiwi plants are dead in the countainers I purchased them in!!! well ones dead the other is near flatline'ing!!! I have more photos I wanna upload, I haven't even started to do Kalis baby book!!! I have all the stuff I wanna put in her book....its just the putting in part that hasn't happened!! (Jenny has an awesome idea about buying a computer scrapbook program.... I think that would be easier seeing how all the pictures are on the computer!! I'll have to look into the cost of a good program.then I could just plug in the pictures ...reshape em what ever and hit PRINT!!!! ) Sounds easy and simple but I'm sure theres a catch!!!
We still have all of our stuff to do to the motorhome before we go!!! And thats creeping up QUICK!! We gotta build a lil bed in the back over the sink for Kali cuz her playpen doesn't fit. I think we should take out at least one of the chairs in the front for some added room but Dug thinks they should stay...WE"LL SEE!!! Dug also is going to install two of those roof top carriers to the top of the motorhome for the lawn chairs and some added storage space. It needs to be cleaned from top to bottom and reorganized, stocked and all the rest of it!!! DID I MENTION I HATE THE PACKING AND UNPACKING PART OF A TRIP!! But I am looking forward to heading on the highway and being a tourist!! PLUS CAN"T WAIT TO SEE MY DAD!!!
We /I have started to plan some of the places I'd like to see along the way and destination to destination we should try to reach day to day.
heres some links to some of the things I'd like to see and do!!
Yellowstone National Park
Crazy Horse Memorial
Mount Rushmore
Cosmos Mystery Spot
Storybook Island
Pirate Coves Mini Golf
For the BOYS
So far thats all I have done... so I have some more researching to do...but hope you enjoy the links so far!! wouldn't it be cool to do a big caravan trip with abunch of people!! Maybe I'll organize something like that in the future!!
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  1. Kim Says:
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  2. Kim Says:

    Hey - when you find a good online computer scrapbooking program - please, please let me know. I am sure my kids will be in college by the time I get the pictures organized - that would be a huge help... as long as it is easy!

    Love ya!


  3. Pen Says:

    hey Shari, your site keeps changing and posts appear and then disappear?


  4. ShariJoy Says:

    Sorry Pen its cuz I was trying to add the links so they'd work!! and then it was a draft so it stuck it a couple of days ago and I wsn't sure if anyone would notice it so I moved it to todays date!! sorry !!

  5. Jenny Says:

    I actually have links for digital scrapbooking. I'll email them to you.
    I'm kicking myself right now cuz we had a toddler cot for Seamus when he was 1.5. It was a little bed to take camping that our friends bought for us. It would have been perfect for Kali!!!
    Anyhow TTYL!

  6. Tanya Says:

    Sounds like once you get packed and on the're going to have a great time! Glad you could find the cosmos site and that its still around. I got to sit on a chair that only had its two back legs sitting on a one inch ledge...I didn't fall off either. If anything, it'll just make you laugh. I hope you have fun and make some lasting memories with your family.