Okay today Kali had her first poop on the toilet!!!! She's only 10 months!! isn't that soooo impressive!!! heres how it all happened!! Dug aka big daddie had a shower with lil miss Kali aka Mommie was in her room putting away ALL her clothes which is a huge job just in itself.... but anyway back to my story!!! Dug has her all bundled in a towel lays her on the floor and drys her off and leaves her room I turn around and shes rolled onto her tummy and daddie didn't put a diaper on her... all of a sudden I see turtling......( you know when the head of the poop sorta peeks out of her bum but kinda goes back in) I think I scared the poop back in cuz I let out an "OH MY GOD" shriek it startled her and the poop turtle head disappeared!!! I as fast as lighting scooped her up and ran her bum facing towards Daddie just incase the lil turtle decided to come all the way out of its shell... plopped her on the toilet and she let out two lil poops............. boy that was close!!! so its not that I'm trying to train a 10 month old to poop on the toilet its just THANK GOD I CAUGHT IT IN TIME FOR HER TO POOP ON THE TOILET!!!!

Second first.........Penny and I almost pee'd our pants in Walmart today!!!! lets just say Doug can HULA and if I could get my hands on the surveilance video I would pay good money for it cuz I'm sure it would win Americas Funniest Home Video......... the image is burned into my brain of Dug working it!!!!!! My man has sooooooo many moves he could be the next top male stripper!! it was one sight to see!! He put Penny, Hal and me to shame!!! Penny and I couldn't see for the tears in our eyes from laughing!! I just wanna say proudly "YUP THATS MY HUNNY!!"
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  1. Pen Says:

    Who knew you could have so much fun at a Wal-Mart!!! OMG Hal and I chuckled more then a few times on the way home. Still smiling this morning about "Mr. I can't hula"! Then he and Hal contemplating the whole jump in the crib thing?!?!

    Turtling discussion at dinner was hilarious too.

    What a great time last night you guys, we had a blast. Ms. K you were such an awesome little girl last night and did so well at dinner and for pooping on the potty. We're so proud of you and love you lots! Auntie Pen and Uncle Zero

  2. Jenny Says:

    Oh I laughed so hard at the "turtling". Too funny!!!!
    Wonder if Lucy can get us some surveillance photos of Dug!!
    Talk to you later!!!
    Miss you!

  3. Janelle Says:

    way to go Kali!! very proud of you!

  4. ShariJoy Says:
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