I can't believe its AUGUST!!! Dug and I will be leaving on our Va-k soon and my to do list grows and grows and the glad its done list is EMPTY!!!!! well not empty... I did manage to hang two pictures in my bathroom that I was waiting for doug to do!! whats that saying about doing it yourself??? the only problem most of the stuff I want done I need help or child care!! so I thought I'd post my list of things I'd like to get complete before we leave!!

1. cut and hang moulding in the bathroom so its FINALLY DONE!!!! plus I have one or two spots to touch up on the ceiling paint job.
2. return pop bottles.......... looks like we are junkies.... I swear we have enough bottles to pay for half our trip!! okay its not THAT bad.
3. Finish plotting out our road trip and some places of interest to visit.
4. mail my bro a congrats card on getting engaged
5. drop off baby gift and card to Steve and Kelly
6. Mail twins bday gift
7.Buy gloves and mail out card to Uncle Allan
8. find out info on US consulate
9.empty out freezer and reorganize it
10.start making list of stuff we need to take on the trip
11.empty out and clean motorhome.... restock, reorganize.... build bed in back for Kali, roof things, and whatever else dug says needs to be done
12. as a never ending list topper!!!! CLEAN HOUSE!!!!!!!!!
13.paint toenails......... you gotta take time for you too!!

so there!!! thats all thats standing out right now I'm sure theres more but I will start to tackle this.... let you know how I make out!!
Gee putting it on here means I'm gonna be held accountable... maybe I'll get it done quicker knowing you are all wondering how the hell I'm gonna get that all done before we go!!lol
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  1. Jenny Says:

    Okay...I was thinking "mail Jeff a congrats card cuz he's engaged...they're going to the wedding in 2.5 weeks!!!" Then I realized it was Jared!!!
    Oh Shari Joy phone me tomorrow, I promise Scott won't interrupt me...(you'll never guess why he wanted me off the phone!!wink!wink!)I need a big hug from my bestest friend even if it's over the phone!!!
    Love you darling!!!

  2. org junkie Says:

    Vacations are great but why does getting ready for one have to be so hard. I dread it, I'm totally sympathizing with you. You'll get it done! Go Shari, go Shari!!

  3. Pen Says:

    hehehe, do you have a hard time sticking to one task by chance? You'll get 'er done.

    That first day on the road should be a 'Whew, we made it feeling!' and then you've got plenty of time to unwind.

    xo Pen

  4. org junkie Says:

    Shari your site is so pretty! Did you do that yourself? I am so impressed. I'm in the process of having my site designed for me because I would never have any idea how to do it myself. LOVE it!

  5. Jenny Says:

    I love your site. I am jealous!!! I want a pretty, site with flowers as well!!!
    Talk to you later girlfriend!!!

  6. ShariJoy Says:

    Hey Laura no I just got it off the net and then put in what I wanted...took me awhile to figure it out...luckily I was at work so I didn't waist my time!! where you getting it designed.......does it cost alot? this one was just a freebie....but I don't know much about it..its trial and error. you garage sale'in on Sat??

  7. org junkie Says:

    Bluebird blogs is going to do it for me. Her prices are really reasonable. I haven't been garage saleing in a couple of weeks so maybe I will go out this weekend!

  8. Trudi Says:

    We just made a huge to-do list too. Sam is going for a sleep-over with the grandparents tonight so we can do some of the bigger stuff (painting, fixing, moving etc). But we check off stuff as we go and there is cold beer at 10:30 tonight with nachos and the neighbours to reward ourselves for an evening of hard work.

    GOOD LUCK! Take on 1 big and 2 small tasks at a time. That's do-able.