So I've been thinking smoke coming out of my ears..well not yet!! I visit Org junkies site and its all fine and good and I like her ideas and I would love to have my house as organized as I would like. Which got me to thinking...WHY?? Why can't we organize and purge ourselves?? wouldn't it be nice to just open the doors of our beings and clean house??? to get rid of all the memories or thoughts that weigh us down!! You know theres times when I think I am a very together kind of girl.....but then the other times...well lets just say it isn't pretty!!
I want to be able to just disinfect all the ill germs haunting me, I wanna be able to wipe clear parts of my mind!! I don't miss any of the items I've purged from my house.....I'm positive I wouldn't miss my negative thoughts, my bad habits, my over eating gene, unpleasant memories and more. Why am I holding on to them??? is it possible to just let them go? In the past I use to BLOW things way out of porportion....I've done very well with this. But every once and a bit an old memory jogs my mind and makes me relive that time over and over and I get all worked up over it.....but why??? I can't do anything about it..I can't change it... all I can do is accept it for what it was. Why is it when we think that we've delt with it and its over and done... that really its still there itching under the surface, bothering us. I would say that I only feel like this once in a blue moon.......BUT that just DRAGS you down.
Wonder if I swallowed some Mr.Clean, garbage bags and some pretty baskets if it my inside would be able to purge all that junk into garbage bags, clean everything, and organize the rest into all the pretty baskets??? Not to sure thats worth a try!!

On an up note .....I have pretty painted toenails, the twins gift is in the mail, I wrote a letter to my Uncle Allan and my bros congrats card...just have to pop those two in the mail tommorow, gave baby gift to a different couple, so now need to buy new gift for steve and kelly. Started looking at VA-K route again. Sooooooooo I've made some head way. We get the motorhome on Monday so we can start all that stuff then!!

good nite all!!
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  1. Pen Says:

    Amen to that! I wish there was an internal vacuum that could just suck out all the crap and leave things neat and tidy. Our life experiences make us who we are but there are times that my past comes back to bite me in the ass when it's least expected or when it seems like it's finally been dealt with and worked out.

    xo dear friend

  2. Tanya Says:

    I hear ya! I go through the same thing everytime I want to clean crap out of my house (life). "what if I need this later...I'm sure I will...I hold onto it for another year, just to see". Another year or two goes by, its still there, staring at me, unused, unloved and forgotten. Why is it so hard to get rid of things? Good thoughts your new template...very nice.

  3. Jenny Says:
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  4. Jenny Says:

    I've seem to have the organized house taken care of, but the organized mind, and body...well you know what I have been dealing with these days!!!
    And Shari I thank you for listening to me and always making me feel good, even when I feel like my world is tumbling down. I just hope that I do the same for you!!!
    Love ya!!

  5. Anonymous Says:


  6. ShariJoy Says:

    Jen know you do!! my world wouldn't be the same with out you in it!!!

  7. me Says:

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  8. org junkie Says:

    Oh so true Shari! Our emotional baggage that we all carry around can be such a burden and can really hold us back from being our true self. I had to laugh at the imagine of us all walking around with pretty baskets inside of us. Laura