Hi y'all... if there is anybody who even comes to this site anymore!! so I know I'm outta the blog loop... I have no idea whats been up in everyones world but I do hope every had an amazing Christmas and that your New Year is all you wish it to be!!
Our Holidays were perfect!! Kali had a blast with her first few gifts and then was in heaven tossing paper around. We had soooo much fun that we forgot to take loads and loads of pictures!! The highlight was telling Dougs parents that they are finally gonna have a grandson after 7 granddaughters!! We wrapped a gift up for Papa (Dougs Dad) it had in the top layer an Apple with a STEM on it, a PT Cruiser car ( Parker Thomas will be our sons name... cruz or cruiser for a nicname) a outdoor plumbing fixture and a rooster in the bottome blue booties and a blue baby bottle. Papa got Apple of his eye, brass balls? and boys like cars... the only one he got right was the rooster...which meant there was gonna be a lil cock- a- doodle in the family!! anyway it was fun making them guess....and they had fun with it too!!
On another note not sure how much I'll get on here..Dougs been having computer issues FOREVER....thats one of the reasons I haven't blogged..... but he told me today its still I'm on my laptop but I don't use it as often as I do his computer....but i'll try.
Have lots to say but toooooo tired and sick to say it so I'm gonna head off to bed.
give Kali a big High five shes tinkled on the big potty twice in three days!! its a start!! we only started three days ago!!! I know its early to train her but I don't want two in diapers so thought I'd try... it can't hurt!! anyway nite nite!!
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  1. Jenny Says: posted...not that I don't know what's going on in your life!LOL!
    I can't wait for lil Cruiser to make his debut. I can't wait to see Kali and her new baby brother!!
    I can't wait to go and hang out with you and Pen...I need to get outta my house!!!
    love ya!

  2. Pen Says:

    I'm with Jenny, lol. I'm happy you posted too even though we talk often it's still nice to read what's going on. Jenny, we really do need to all meet up. It's been since before Christmas that i've seen you and would like to have a good gabfest. Maybe we should plan to come into Terrace on a night that Scott's working. Just have to wait for some good weather.

    Sorry to hijack your blog Shari, lol.

    Hugs Pen