I keep thinking about all the things I need to do, or get done or whatever... and I think I have loads of time to do it...BUT I DON"T!! I can't believe how fast time is flying by!! Its crazy!! The thing is I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this way!! My to'ods are getting longer not shorter!! I have close to ZERO time for myself!! I haven't been able to blog cuz of Dugs stupid computer problems, being too tired and that infamous TO DO LIST!!! I don't even have time to read all my favorite blogs...but things should settle, stuff will get done and in a good 2 to 10 years I should be back up to date on everyone elses life!!! thank GOD for telephones.... could you imagine what life would be without them??? I'd be LOST!!!

So I thought I'd share some of my TO DO list of stuff that needs to get done before little Cruiser shows up!!
1. install laminate flooring in spare room, paint it out a light purple and move Kali and all her stuff in there!!
2. get Parkers room all set up and stuff all organized
3. I should say that inorder to convert Kali's new room we have to first get rid of the storage room its become. remove and go through all that stuff thats been dumped in there!!! Did I say we only have a three bedroom house with no basement or extra place to store stuff!! where do you move a double bed too??? I'll let you know when I figure it out!!
4. we still need to complete the renos we started before xmas. Which for all of you who didn't know were HUGE..... we raised our sunken living room laminated the floors built a wall put a big arse fish tank into the middle of it, doug put pocket lights in too, but we still need to mud, sand, paint the gyroc and build in the shelves and lower doors and all wood work, on the other side of the wall we built a walk in pantry we still have tile floor to lay and counter tops to do and paint and yadda yadda. In the Kitchen we have part of the cupboards done but we need to line them up where they are gonna be, move the dishwasher figure out the final layout, measure and order the countertops put in the new sink and the cook top. I'd be happy with that for now thou we still have the upper cupboards to do and the fridge to countersink into the wall, and all kitchen pantry cupboards and the wall oven plus the tiled backsplash. THEN I CAN SAY THE KITCHEN WOULD BE DONE!!!!!!
5. theres still all the everyday crap that needs to be done too but thats an ongoing list that gets done then needs to be readdressed the following week or next day so it seems!!!
6. It would be nice but know it will not happen anytime soon or even in the next year...but I'd love to be able to declutter and go through all the stuff in the garage and the storage shed!! more out of the need for space to move stuff from the spare room out somewhere but I can't stand cleaning one space and cluttering another but I'll have to close my eyes and ignor it till I have the proper time to alot to it!!!!
7. the list goes on!!!!

well the list has depressed me and so I'm gonna go eat a huge bowl of popcorn, cuddle with my hunny and watch a movie!!! or just go to sleep!!! and dream of winning the lotto!!!!
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  1. Mark Says:

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  2. Lucy Says:

    HOLY CAMOLIES, ITS ABOUT TIME SISTER, Ive missed you here. I thought Id peek at your blog in hopes youd be back and here you are, im so happy.
    Hey if you need somewhere to put that double bed, how about my room?

    Gnite hun

  3. Pen Says:

    Hiya long lost blogger!! No kidding the time has blown by and if you ever need a hand I can help too. Not very handy in the home reno but strong enough to move stuff around and listen to instructions, lol.


  4. Jenny Says:

    Waiting for the promised post!!