Why is it when I wanna get on and blog we have some kind of a computer melt down??? and when I have nothing to say everything is working fine? So as you can tell I tried to add a new template...thinking I saved my old template in notepad on my laptop and Dugs lap top NOT WORKING the power cord is frayed and it was working with electrical tape holding it in a certain position but now we have NO JUICE!!! and on Dugs computer it did not save my old setting in notepad soooooooooo every time I go on I get mad cuz I wanna fix it and can't!! Went to Terrace and a new power cord $ 140 buckaroos.......can you say OUCH!!!! anyway we shell out the cash only to get it home and it does not fit into my researching Hunny(which at times drives me NUTZ that he researches EVERYTHING so thoroughly) went on line last nite in search of a power cord and he found one shipped to my door for just under $100 bucks!!! THANK YOU DUGGIE!!!! it should be here by Mon so hopefully I can stand looking at this MESSED up Blog till then!!

On another note I am making headway in Kalis soon to be new room. Penny came over last Sun or Mon and helped me clear out a few things, I've plucked away at some more of it. The problem is we have no place to put all the stuff we were storing in there. I CAN"T WAIT FOR OUR BOOKCASES TO BE BUILT.......I must have 8 tupperware containers full of books and collectibles that I can't display till we have a place for em!! So for now they are all neatly packed away in our alcove upstairs. Which I hate cuz every time I walk past it, it just reminds me of all the stuff we have to do!!! So all I have left to move out of that room is the double bed and the cradle.....the cradle will go in our room for now and the double bed????? I think we are gonna cram it in the computer room so Dugs mom and dad will have a place to sleep when they come for a visit. So I'm hoping by Dugs next days off we will have the carpet ripped out and the walls mudded and sanded.....then we can start to paint!!! YEAH!!!!

And you will all be very proud of me I remembered to take a couple of B4 are really lucky cuz I started to empty out the dresser drawers and tupperwares onto the bed when I thought .....take a pic B4 you forget!!! so I'll post that soon!! Hope every ones blogs are going smoothly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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