So tonite we had our ribs and rice and salad!! Kali really enjoyed her rice so much so that it was more on her than in her.... anyway I am the one who usually will stand her up in her chair and give her a wipe down to get all the crumbs and stuff off her so they land in the chair and I don't have to pick up rice all over the house!!!! But tonite it was Doug who took her out of her highchair right to the floor rice attached everywhere on I said bring her over here, hold her over the sink and I'll wipe her off. Well it was stuck on her pants so I just stripped of her pants and socks... Doug puts her down and I look and the bottom of her shirt is folded up with at least half of her dinner in it!!! I say Doug you gotta clean her off its all in the rim of her shirt!!! Doug comes over rolls her shirt rim down calls the dog over "Alibi come clean up!!!" theres the three of them in the kitchen dog licking the floor and Kalis shirt, Kali laughing up a storm and Doug saying good boy and good girl!!! I turned to him and said " that is not quite what I had in mind" Would your Hunny do a better job???
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2 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    Yes!...but everyone knows how anal Scott is.
    Too funny! Did you get a picture?

  2. Pen Says:

    errrr, no comment! LMAO, I don't think i'd want to know what Hal would do but could imagine a similar fate in our home.

    Still chuckling over that one.