Over at Laura's site otherwise known as Org Junkie is hosting an 30 day Organizing Challenge. Go check out her site and enter on April 3 She has two categories on over and see what going on!!!! Shes got prizes for the winner too!!! Worth a peek don't yeah think??? My problem would be which space to choose...... seeing how we've been slowly working on EVERYTHING!!!!! its coming along... slowly!!! Got the downstairs bathroom painted yesterday so just gotta do one or two things and its DONE!!!! Like totally DONE!!!
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  1. org junkie Says:

    Thanks for mentioning it Shari!!

  2. Pen Says:

    It's a good feeling to be able to complete one whole room, although we haven't got there yet. I'm feeling as though our house is in a continuous cycle of incomplete.

    Think i'll join the challenge, just need to decide what room is more important.

    hugs and thanks for posting about it!