As you all know we've been working on Kalis room... we sorta hit a stand still, it needs all the little finishing touches.... hoping Doug does some of them this days off. Her closet doors need to be put back up.... This is something I would normally do on my on but the hinge between them is hooped theres only wood on one side so he'll have to screw through the door and brace it some how..... hes better at that than I am... mine would be uneven, where he's a perfectionist!! He also has to sand down the window a bit so it'll close better. Then theres the NEED TO BUY CATEGORY!!! She needs a rug, a shade, door knob and closet door knobs. No luck here finding what I'd like. I would like those lil glass old fashion door knobs but try finding them here in BOONIE VILLE!! Might have to find something else. But for now that stuff can wait. I also wanna reupholster her chair. Should be tackling that in a few days... I hope, mom said she'd give me a hand with it. I had bought material to do it over two years ago and never got around to it.... but its now for my little sweet pea so gotta make the time!!

Heres some pictures of her book case that we re did....I bought it when a local material store was going out of business I got Doug to add a top to it and a middle shelf.... and I stained it to match her crib set. I always wanted to add some baskets to it and another shelf soooooo while Doug was at work last week and Kali was napping I hit the table saw and added the shelves for baskets and another shelf for bigger toys..... I think it turned out pretty good keeps everything neat and tidy!! Theres still room for her to grow with new stuff as well. The green walls is her old room with how the bookcase use to look and now theres a photo of her purple room with the bookcase revamped!!

I also wanted to put floating shelves in her old room but never got around to building them so when Doug and I were doing the trim and the mitre saw was right there nice and handy I got Doug to build me three of them and I painted 'em and hung em up....I just love how they turned out!! holds all her small knick-knacky kinda stuff. I'll post the before and afters of her room when Doug gets the closet doors up. I just love how its all coming together...... wish I would of had a little girly room like this when I was a kid. Auntie Jenny was over today and wished she could have one NOW!!! I thought it was cute..... somehow I don't think Uncle Scott would go for it!! Hope you enjoy the pics!!

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3 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE her room!
    You are so right...Scott would veto it in an instant.
    I was watching a design show the other day(oh what a shock!). Did you know that the current trend for the new homes that are being built are seperate suites(as they are called) for the husband and wife. I guess with the snoring that happens nowadays(seriously this was said) couples aren't getting restful sleeps!!!
    It's an idea....

  2. Pen Says:

    I can't wait to see it now that her furniture is in and the walls are decorated!!

    xo Pen

  3. org junkie Says:

    Shari her room is the sweetest! Great job on the bookcase. I love it. I love looking at your pictures! You are so my hero!