I got my tooth fixed today!!!! I'm Sooooooooooo happy!!I also got most of my hair cut off too!! Today was a day of change! Not sure if any of you have had a hair build up test done....But boy was I shocked and disgusted in what she took out of my hair. It was worse than a bad sunburn peel and a ring around the tub of the dead skin!! No other hair dresser had EVER done this to me before!! It was SOOOOOOOOOO NASTY!! I'm sure you could do it yourself, she wet a inch wide section of hair with water than told me to keep my head tight as she pulled against my hair and scraped the hair with scissors.. it doesn't cut your hair but the goop that was on the scissors I couldn't believe that came out of a one inch section... I can't even imagine how much is in ALL OF MY HAIR!!!!! Needless to say booking some build up reducing shampooing treatments next week!! She said thats why I could get my hair to style. Malibus are different they take out chlorine, chemical and that this other treatment takes out build up and fibers and stuff... get a build up test done you'd be amazed!!!
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3 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    Yay for your tooth!!

  2. Pen Says:

    Three cheers for Toothy! Can't wait to see your hair and wowza on the gunk that builds up.


  3. Kelleigh Says:

    Wow! That hair treatment sounds pretty severe. At the last colour I had done, the hairdresser was pretty rough (a bit too rough!)But you sound excited about the changes. Will we get a peak? ;)

    and I've got your chocolate cream cheese brownies waiting for you..