I had a wonderful surprise this evening........the phone rang and in the kitchen, I could hear someone on my answering machine leaving me a message so I waddled in there and answered it. Talk about a person from your past popping up out of the blue with no reason for calling except that he was just thinking about his past and I crept into his mind. A buddie from my YOUNGER days Jeff W gave me a call tonite and we talked like it was yesteryear.....only about stuff like life, family, kids, old friends, good times and things we'd done and where we'd gone. It was really, really nice. I've often wondered how he was and what he was up to. I had heard he moved to Europe...which I was sooooo jealous of, turns out it was Paris for two and1/2 years. He has two sons Alexandr( not sure of the french spelling) and Ben they are about 21 months apart( which is funny cuz Kali and Parker will be 20 months apart). Hes a stay at home dad and loves it. I know Doug would love to be able to do that. He's moved back to Canada and they are living in Alberta. I was just soooooooooo happy to play catch up with him it was just a really great surprise, hopefully we'll keep in better touch....I'm really bad at letters and email but ALOT better with phone calls!!! Well hope you all had a nice surprise of some sort today!!
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