I was having a great day yesterday...was getting stuff all done in Kalis room Built shelves in her bookcase and stained it and going through stuff to donate it was all great.....well except nap time Kali had been doing awesome with naps you'd put her down and go about doing your stuff and she'd be fine...but now she wants you to sit with her for a bit and then she'll stand up and wave at you and say Hi HI!!! you'll say put your head down and she smiles, caulks her head to one side, waves and says HI HI!! How do you get mad at that???? Hopefully she'll go back to taking naps on her own without me sitting there!!
when she finally fell asleep I made my Pizza dough!! Doug had a Lacrosse meeting lastnite so he was late getting home I ate without him. As I was enjoying my wonderful homemade Pizza I felt my front tooth with my tongue and it didn't feel felt like it was missing a piece of it!! I ran to the bathroom all distraught and sure enough My capped tooth was now missing the capped part!! ITS MY VERY FRONT TOOTH!!!!!!! NOT GOOD!! All on my homemade pizza crust...on the soft part even!! My cooking is cursed!! Doug comes home...I say to him in an exaggerated mouth voiced "do you notice anything different about me???" he looks me up and down and all around and says "no".... I say to him in my best BUCK TOOTH IMITATION " ARE YOU SURE?" he looks at my mouth and LAUGHS!!!!!! asks me "What happened?" as hes eating the pizza I made... I tell him and hes like it must of been loose or something. I go on to tell him I'm worried cuz I don't know if the dentist will be able to fix it while I'm pregnant. HE LAUGHS LOUDER!!!!! and then says..."I hope they can't fix it can you image the great pictures I could get of you in delivery. YOU PUSHING YOUR HEART OUT ALL MOUTH AGAPE....ONE TOOTH WONDER!!!" I say "Glad you feel my pain hunny" Later last night on his way to bed he makes a point of popping in the living room and saying in a stuttering, slurring bucked tooth face"See you upstairs baby...." I think NOT!!!! I told him I was gonna come upstairs and bite his ass with my jagged sharp tooth!!!
Phoned this morning for an dentist is CLOSED ON FRIDAYS!!!!!! And every other dentist is BOOKED SOLID!!!! Think if I got a fake finger nail and hot glued it over my tooth anyone would notice??? I JUST WANT MY TOOTH BACK!!!!!!!!!
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3 Responses
  1. Pen Says:

    Okay when I stop laughing i'll be back to post a sympathy comment....hehehehehehe, hahahahaha!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Sorry I laughed really hard when you told me...I feel for know I do!
    BTW, great minds do think alike...
    I set up a private blog 3 nights ago...and guess what template I chose!!!LOL
    I'll switch it, but for now that hardly any one will be reading it will be fine!

  3. Lucy Says:

    LOL..I cant believe it sister, thats too funny and crappy all on the same note.
    Just use plaster....heehee
    Your still beautiful