Yeah!!! the sun is out and and I feel MOTIVATED!!!!!! off to finish caulking the downstairs bathroom, hoping to get the trim painted in there and all thats left is to brace the sink, fix around the fan, the previous fan was bigger so theres a gap on one side and get a transition strip from tile to carpet!! Voila ONE ROOM WOULD BE TOTALLY COMPLETE!!!! 9 or so to go!! I have finishing touches in Kalis room to do too but should have some pics soon!! then I have to start Parkers room!!! Haven't figured out how I want to do his closet yet!! Need to think about it for a bit... meanwhile hopefully we'll start to mud the holes, touch up the paint and repaint all the trim, doors, window and closet white!! Does anyone ever get to the bottom of their list???? Mine seems to get BIGGER!!!!!!! Times a tickin gotta fly at her before my motivation peters..... being pregnant it only comes in small spurts!!
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  1. Pen Says:

    Wasn't that such a beautiful day!! It looks as though the sun is trying to peek out right now after that dump of snow. What a difference it makes in regard to ambition and motivation.

    Happy, sunny thots,