So its no longer a matter of what day Parker will make his appearance. Now its a matter of how fast does inducing work??? or how slow!! Maybe I could go till tues!! But I hope not!!Tomorrow morning between 7:30 and 8 am I will get gelled!! Then what??? do I stay there? do they send me home? WHAT!!! I just wanna have PT out so his poor NANA and PAPA get to have a few days with him before they have to leave!! Also tomorrow is my hunnys big 40 bday!! it'd be kinda cool for Parker to be born on his bday. I said hunny just think when hes 10 you'd be 50!! I can't describe the look he gave me!!! lol

So are there any takers on what time tomorrow Parker will enter!!! I'd like some where around early afternoon...but I'm thinking I won't be so lucky!!! my luck it'll still take two more days before he shows himself!!!! so while you are all out and about enjoying your morning tea and tv shows think of me huffing and puffing and evicting Parker from his comfort place!! mean mommie I am eh?!?!

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  1. Jenny Says:

    I emailed Kim with my guess...6:15 pm...
    Ideally I want you to have him quick and easy at about 11:30am, but like I said, he knows that there's work to be done around your house so he's staying put for awhile!LOL
    I'll be thinking of you and saying my prayers for a safe, minimally painful delivery and healthy baby.
    Make sure that I am notified ASAP! I'll probably have to give Carol a phone call or two tomorrow.
    Okay my dear, I'm SO excited for you!!
    Tell Doug we wish him a happy Birthday...hopefully I'll be in tomorrow night to say it myself!
    Love you!!!

  2. org junkie Says:

    Shari happy birthday tomorrow to both your boys! How exciting...try to get some sleep tonight....yeah right I know.
    Can't wait to hear the news!!

    All the best,

  3. Christy Says:

    Hey Shari!! I hope it works for you tommorrow! I got gelled with Liv at 10:00am and I started having contractions around dinner time that night. They were mild but strong enough that I needed to get 2 shots of demerol througout the night. I went back in for Gel#2 in the morning and they decided to break my water instead. That was at 9:00am and I had her by 9:00pm that night! I bet it being your second pregnancy that it won't take more than one gelling! I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you! Can't wait to hear the news!