1. *What is your occupation?* First Aid Attendant/Warehouse Operator

2. *What color are your socks right now?* I'm sock less (ditto's2)

3. *What are you listening to right now?* Hockey

4. *What was the last thing that you ate?* Hummus and naan

5. *Can you drive a stick shift?* Heck yeah and I really do miss it! (ditto)

6. *If you were a crayon, what color would you be?* lime green

7. *Last person you spoke to on the phone?* Receptionist at Dr B office confirming my inducing appointment

8. *How old are you today?* 36 YEARS YOUNG

9. *Favorite drink? --alcoholic is girly chi chi or Caesars -- non alcoholic is icewater with lemon!

10. *What is your favorite sport to watch? *Lacrosse or baseball

11. *Have you ever dyed your hair?* NOPE....JUST JOKING.

12. *Pets?* fish and Alibi the dawg

13. *Favorite food?* all of it!!! greek!!!

14. *What was the last movie you watched?* The prestige...very very good!!

15. *Favorite day of the year?* Christmas

16. *What do you do to vent anger?* flee or clean

17. *What was your favorite toy as a child?* I don't think I had one....maybe my bike

18. *What is your favorite fall or spring?* right now Spring, but ask me this summer and I'll say Fall, lol.....I'm with you Penny!!

19. *Hugs or kisses?* both

20. *Cherries or Blueberry?* Cherries

21. *Jeans or Skirt?* Jeans but depends

22. *Who is most likely to respond?* hmm, Shari if she's not having her baby, Lucy (got this from Jenny who got it from Joni so that cancels them out, lol)....Can I say Me to cuz no ones left!!!

23. *Who is least likely to respond?* beats me!!

24. *Living arrangements?* comfortable!!!

25. *When was the last time you cried?* I don't know!!!.... Eddies memorial

26. *What is on the floor of your closet?* nothing on my side!!! shoes on Dugs side

27. *Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending/tagging this to?Jenny

28. *What did you do last night?* sat and redesigned my kitchen cupboard layout!!

29. *Favorite smells?* Babies after a bath, lilacs and Dug

30. *What inspires you?* life

31. *What are you afraid of? I don't know

33. *Favorite dog breed:* Aussie Shepherds

34. *How many years at your current job? 10 plus years

35. *Favorite day of the week?* days off which vary

36. *How many cities or towns have you lived in?* That
s alot of places to list!!! TO, Quincy, Kitimat.....I'll keep it to those but there is sooooooooooooo many more!!

38. *Ever driven a Motorcycle or heavy machinery?* Driven a dirtbike and nearly killed my older brother and I...And at work I drive a clamp truck which is like a fork lift only it has clamps instead of forks, I also have driven a 980 front end bucketloader !

40. *Do you have a house phone that is NOT cordless? yup

41. *10 inches of snow or 100 degree weather?* If that's Fahrenheit and near water!!!

42.*List the name of the person that sent this TAG to you* Jenny, Jenny fe fi fo Fenny...Jenny! and Penny...I got it from you two!!!

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  1. Jenny Says:

    No more sneezes??
    Thinking of you!