For Fun thought I'd do the google search where you put in your first name followed by needs and see what the first 10 sentences that come it from Jennys blog....I wasn't going to post it until I read the first one and nearly peed my pants with laughter so i had to share!!!

Sleazy Shari Love Doll - SOLD OUTSleazy Shari needs to lay off of the lip liner. Item Code: BP8890 pad $24.95 pad. Shipping weight = (33) oz

Influential Interactive Marketing: Shari Needs Our HelpUpdates: Jeneane has more information about what exactly Shari needs. From Help Shari Kurzrok blog: Potential donors must be Type A or Type O blood. ...

If Swallowed, Induce Vomiting: Sleazy Shari Love DollSherri did a little number on her blog where you google search your name and "needs". For example I typed "Shari needs" in google. . Who needs haunted paintings onhi well i was just passin on a hunt to find out what the name shari is, did i mention it was my name also

PR meets the WWW » PSAShari Kurzrok We want to remind everyone that Shari needs a complete liver.

Waves and WordsShari needs to lay off the lip liner. I don't own any lip liner, but if I did, I'd lay off of it. Shari needs our help. I get by with a little help from my ...

At the meeting, Mark explains that Shari's needs for protection and predictability have not been met. Shari. strikes out because she expects other children ...

Cincinnati CityBeat : 01/10/2007 : Menacing Cop"The one area I believe officer Shari needs improvement involved an off-duty training accident," Kraft wrote. "A student was injured during a training ...

All We Need is Love » MISTERYOSA The Personal Website of Shari CruzThe love which, unfortunately, is not enough to provide the food and clothes the baby needs.

Fearless Voices Shari Foos: On Becoming and Being a Mother The ...Blog Index Shari Foos ... things that will compel her to follow her own heart, make her own place in a world that needs her as much as she will need it. ...

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2 Responses
  1. Pen Says:

    Sleazy Shari, LMAO!! Shari, does Doug know?? Perhaps he had a Sleazy Shari doll...if not he's got one now.hehehehe

    Those are priceless!
    xo Pen

  2. Jenny Says:

    Sleazy Shari!!!Too funny!!!
    Thinking of you!!!