Just a post to let everyone know .....I'm not in labour yet...but I've been working my tail off to get stuff done call it nesting or necessity. I've had no time to go on and read my fav blogs.... I still have two people on my MPM that I didn't get to respond to!! Sooooooooo sorry!! But on an up note Parkers room has been touched up with mud and paint in the spots that needed it, the baseboard trim is all complete... well except the caulking which I will do maybe tonite!! His dresser-bookcase put together, as well as his crib and its soooooo beautiful my mom picked out a gorgeous set!! it puts Kalis to shame...which I really like too. I brought up some of my containers to find all the burp cloths, wipe warmer, nursing pillow and sleepers.....Now I just have to put the closet together. I'm going to use a pantry unit thats on sale at Canadian tire plus two cubbys, I'll take the doors from the pantry and cut them into shelves it should cost me all under $100 bucks!! The one closet set I saw which was half the size of the pantry was $89 bucks plus I'd still have to buy the shelves to cut so I'm hoping what I have in mind works out!! I'll post finished photos...again I forgot to take a before picture of the closet I got so into riping stuff out by the time I thought of a picture it was TOO LATE I'm halfway to putting it back together!! Anyway off to do the >>TO DO LIST OR AS MUCH AS I CAN BEFORE BABY COMES!!!style="font-weight:bold;">
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  1. i'm getting tired just reading about it all! don't wear yourself out ... :o)

  2. Pen Says:

    Holy smoly woman! You're going to be too tuckered to have the lil Cruzer if you keep going full tilt. I guess another way to look at it is get it done now and then hopefully you'll put your feet up and relax but......NOT!! LOL.

    xo Pen

  3. Jenny Says:

    You put all of us non motivated, non ready to birth a child in less than a month, to shame!!!
    Thinking of you!!