K... we are back!! not sure if anyone even bothers to check in here anymore its been sooooooooooo long since I posted!! Sorry about that... busy life of a mom.... or at least thats my excuse anyways!!

So Parker is doing AMAZING!!!!! I thought I had it good when Kali was a baby she slept all nite at three months. PT has been sleeping through since he was two and a half weeks. EVERY NIGHT!!! Knocking on wood right now so I don't jinx myself!! Hes soooooo smiley and happy and the big blue eyes melt me every time I look at him!! Kali is sooooooooooo proud to be a sister. she'll just walk up to him for no reason and lay a big wet one on him and I mean WET ONE!! She now says PAAA KER sit and taps between her legs for her to hold him. its super cute. Just the way she says PAA KER is cute too its quite BOSTONIAN like. Reminds me of my youth and my dad and my gal pals from there.

So we bought a new to us truck ...... the pre story is tooooooo long so lets just say we bought one returned it and bought a different one. Its a 2005 Blue Harley Davidson F350..... ITS BEAUTIFUL!! only had 9000 clicks on it and for a diesel thats nothing!! theres not even a scratch on it, has original mats and liner and all. Doug really wanted a Black one.... and well me too but once I saw this blue one I really liked it. Plus Dougie said its 2005 for Kali's birth year and Blue for Parkers eyes..... loved it even more. So naturally we visited Dugs parents on the island for a bit and PT made his rounds of meeting the WHOLE family!!! it was good. Short but BUSY!!!

Our nieces got to see PT for the first time and they were all fighting over who got to sit and hold him. Gracie 6 and Keyanna 7 helped me change Parkers diaper... the conversation went something like this G. " Wow I've NEVER seen a penis like this one before!!" K. " Yeah me either!"... I had to hold back my laughter they were so serious and business like.... it was if they had seen a hundred and were PENIS cone suers!!! We all got a good laugh at it.

Speaking of penises. Have any of you ever heard of a GOOEY DUCK?????? Well in all my UNEXPERIENCED , NAIVE life I have never, ever seen such a thing.... unless of course it was suppose to be a penis!! I've laughed a Horses with hard ons and Rats with their massive balls...... but never have I seen the likes of a GOOEY DUCK......Ironically its a CLAM with a NECK.....which to me looks like a clam with a PENIS!!!! let me know what you think I'll post some pictures!!!........ I know you may think its a doctored photo I assure you ladies its the REAL THING!!! Or should I say THINGY!! Dougie dug one up for us to see...... its neck shrunk up a bit but all I gotta say is thats one LUCKY CLAM!!!! LOL

Short but sweet post its gonna take forever to find all the pictures in no particular order here goes!!

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4 Responses
  1. Pen Says:


    That should be x-rated, lmao!! I have never seen one either and holy crap you weren't kidding.

    Thanks for posting the pic.
    xo Pen

  2. Jenny Says:

    That's friggin' hilarious!!!
    Too funny!
    Waiting for some pics of the babies!
    TTY tomorrow!

  3. paleraven50 Says:

    i remember as a kid spending summers at White Rock and seeing one of those and thinking ewww gross!! Thanks for sharing Shari, it is quite funny i had forgotten what they were called till you reminded me. and by the way i have been checking and do understand you are busy with two bambinos. ttyl

  4. Lucy Says:
    Thats so gross but so funny at the same
    Hope all is well hun, havent seen you in ages!!