Come on can this be true?? my heart is broken I want ALL the credit for Mr. PT cruiser....but apparently he looks 41% like his FATHER!!!! Its rigged...Doug some how has gone and paid them off...I just know it!! But on the other hand all thoses who say Kali is SPITTING IMAGE OF HER DADDIE....NANANANANANANAAAAA!!! I think I handled this quit maturely!! What do you think?? Do you think they are right??? hint on answer....if you want to REMAIN my friend you will find them HUGELY at fault( for Parkers ONLY!!) LOL

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4 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    Parker has your eyes...everything else is Dug. Same shaped head, nose, his Dad.
    Still friends???LOL...better be my bestest!!
    Kali has Dug's eyes, but your shape of head and more of you in that respect.
    Too cute.
    cute little babies!!!
    I'll try this one for my boys.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Hey can't be bothered to post my results but here they are:
    Seamus looks like...........Me by 32%!
    Jonas looks like............Me by 15%!
    Gavin looks equally like Scott and me.

  3. Pen Says:

    Okay Shari, lol. I think you should have used a different picture. The bottom part of his face looks just like Ella Rose and the eyes are definitely your side of the family.

    Kali on the other hand is the reverse. Her eyes are like Dads but the rest of her is Mommy.

    Jenny..I think Shari might be looking for some new friends, lol.

  4. paleraven50 Says:

    shari, long ago before meters and all after i had tasha, i was so sick of hearing omg a little mike oh my she looks just like her dad, ya like i only carried her for the nine months and she has my plumbing, and now look she is looking more and more like ME so there!!!! Hahahhahahaha take that Mike!!!