Well the Red Sox are now up three games....there was a lil bit of excitement tonite!! I'd like to see some more ball but with the RS pitcher tomorrow nite it could very well be over for Colorado!!
As I watched the game tonite during the excitement of a come back I found it funny to look out in the crowds of people doing all they could to HELP their team!! crossing their fingers, wearing their ball caps instead out RALLY Style, Chanting , hiding their faces!! It brought me back to my ball days on "THE NEVER WILL BEES" though at times we should of been called "SWISS CHEESE" Anyway we as a team finally started to gel and started winning.....this guy on our team Scottie would not shower, shave, change his clothes or socks or whatever he was wearing if we were on a winning streak. He was sooooooo SUPERSTITIOUS!!! But at times we kept winning....did it work or was it the pugnent order drifting across the Field knocking out the other players one by one!! Let me tell you when we finally lost it was sooooooo nice to see him shower, shave and change his shorts!! Then the process started all over again. Funny I'm knocking him for this yet I believe if you kill a bird or it hits your house window and dies someones gonna get it!!
In his defense I have to say I have a RITUAL for batting.....I always put one foot in the batters box and dig a lil spot with my foot, settle in, assume the swing pose, eye the field up....stare down the first pitch but never swing at settle myself in there and then GAME ON!!! And with volleyball when serving I always bounce three times and twirl the ball then serve....but noone knew that till NOW!!lol

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