After super tonite I got a phone call from my sister Diane in Florida telling me she has left me a couple of messages to call her back...none of which I actually got! Then blurts out that my father has died as of 11:30 this morning...he was found in his apartment and the police notified my sister Debbie who lives in Massachusetts where my father lives. Debbie goes to where he lives and apparently everyone is giving her their condolences, she goes to the 4th floor where he lives and knocks on the door. No one answers... she is sent downstairs and told that my father lives on the first floor. ( Debbie for what ever her reasons are has no contact with my father or me for at least the past three years ...I have no clue why and have tried to contact her on a couple of occasions to be met with no response from her!! HER LOSS!!) anyway her not having any contact with my father assumes he has been moved to the first floor of the building. the police are barricading his room up and say that Mr .John.E.T. has apparently been selling his medication to some woman illegally, that he was found dead in his room in his wheelchair.....Debbie questions the wheelchair slightly the police tell her that her father only has one leg....... oh I forgot to add that his care worker couldn't get ahold of him this morning and thats why they entered his apartment only to find him deceased!! Debbie instead of phoning me contacts Diane to get ahold of me to find out what Dads wishes are and that she wants nothing to do with anything related to Dad, expense, burial arrangements, his belongings etc.... Soooo after hearing the part about the social worker I knew it couldn't have been my Dad... but maybe he hide that from me.... but the living on the first floor...NOT POSSIBLE!! John.E.T is a very common name and there must be two in the building which is EXACTLY WHAT HAD HAPPENED...but some how they mixed up the contact info of the two. How STUPID Debbie must of looked to the police when she couldn't tell them anything about her father......" Does your father live here miss??" " Is your father in a wheelchair?" does he only have one leg?" "can you tell us anything?" ..." OH YES I"M AN UNGRATEFUL DAUGHTER YOU DOESN"T GIVE TWO SHITS BUT THE HEALTH OR WELFARE OF MY DAD...CAN"T YOU TELL!!". I was irate with anger and can't believe after thinking your father is dead has the balls to say to my sister " Well it was a good dry run wasn't it?" She never even went to see my Dad and she was in the building!! you'd think after she thought he was gone only to find out he was still alive that she'd put the past in the past and try to make amends for the little time he has left!! I would do anything to be able to live 15 mins away from my father! ANYTHING!! Theres no other word for her except selfish and cold hearted......To think when I was a child I looked up to her and wanted to be just like her.....what a fool I was....Thank God I am nothing like her. About a month or so ago I wanted to sit down and write her a letter asking her to explain to me why she no longer wants any contact with me...when we were on holidays in the states I didn't know that she wanted nothing to do with me...I tried and tried to phone her and just thought "WELL MAYBE SHES OUT OF TOWN ON HOLIDAYS HERSELF" Now I know she couldn't even pick up the phone and say to me I choose to believe you and your family don't exist. no skin off my ass!! I could of saved three years of xmas cards pictures and postage!! It was finally Diane that told me she wants to think I don't exist!! WE are talking about a 48 year old woman here!! How childish!! Anyways I'm still pissed!! My Father does not deserve to be treated the way he has been by her. I hope Karma gets her back 20 times worse!! And even that would be to kind!! She has to account to somebody for what shes done...I sure wouldn't want to try and explain it to my maker!!

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3 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    That's very sad indeed!
    big hugs!

  2. Janelle Says:

    oh my goodness...i can only imagine what your morning was like. sometimes being family is sooo much work.

  3. Pen Says:

    I still can't believe that she pulled this and can only say that i'm glad you're nothing like her.

    Big hugs to you!

    xo Pen