Today was Kali and my first day at french storey time!!! It was interesting to say the least!! Not any English all en francais. I took French in school and didn't really care for it. (SO have decided to force my child to do what I myself didn't like!!!...makes complete sense !! RIGHT???). When I was in it I held my own only cuz I had to....but didn't care for it and the minute I could drop it, I did. I took German, Spanish and even Mandarin Chinese. I don't recall much from any of the classes but I can sorta understand and pick up the gist here and there(mostly with the Spanish)...even now many, many moons after school I can read and get a bit of it but I can't pronounce it right. I would like to put Kali into French Immersion so I thought this would be a good introduction to it for us!! She had was an hour and a half but she did ok. basically I learned a mouse in french is souris. Not bad eh??? They gave me this binder all en francais with songs and all the activities to come in the following weeks. I will attempt to plunder my way through it!! nice thing was we weren't the only all English speaking household that signed up!! its nice to know someone else will be struggling along side us!!
I'm sooooooooo looking forward to the weekend its gonna be GREAT!!! Penny is having a be LUAU PARTY on Sat afternoon/nite...I bought Kali the cutest li grass skirt....I have to see if we kept ours grass skirts from years ago in our tickle trunk or I'm gonna have to figure out something else to wear( I think Pen plans on LEI'ING us all but I wanna be LEI'D more than once!!).It'll be soooooooooo fun. We haven't had a girls nite with most of us showing up in sooooooooooo long!!! Sunday nite we were gonna do a GOBBLE GOBBLE Dinner but the boys have hockey right after work soooooo it looks like Monday before Dug goes in on nights will have to be the night with him eating and running!!
For all of you who do the operation Christmas Child shoe boxes they are in and I have picked up two to fill one each on behave of my children.
Well while I can I'm off to bed to read a book and surf through the NEW IKEA CATALOGUE courtesy of my M.I.L!!! Nite nite all!!! PS Tasha see told you by the time you got back home I'd be blogging again, I'll post our pictures tomorrow.

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  1. paleraven50 Says:

    wow some kind of super mom you are shari, thanks again for this afternoon, it was fun, we three girls enjoyed ourselves, i felt bad that i hadn't picked up a present for Quade, i do have a brand new leash that lights up i think i will give it to Penny as my little chloe won't be needing it remember i am for sueakanana