This week we're traveling back to our most memorable Halloween. Did you dress up and go door to door growing up? What was your favorite costume?

Happy Halloween and many thanks to our host Annie for this weeks Time Travel.
Kali weeks old
Kalis first Halloween

Trick or Treat
The Chicken Farmers 2nd Halloween
Today after carving the pumpkin. "I vant to bite you!!"
I loved and still LOVE Halloween its got to be one of my favorite times of year!! I just love being creative with my costumes.... My earliest master piece I remember doing with a lil help from my dad was in grade 4 or 5. He had a round cardboard box from something don't remember what but I spent a good two weeks working every nite on making my vision of R2D2 come to life...we had silver spray paint, tin foil, bright blue paper bits, even a big clear salad bowl for the top it was awesome!!!! It was my masterpiece. I won a prize at school and that was it I was hooked on trying to come up with my own creative genius's ideas every year. It was the first time I was ever really proud of my own accomplishments. Since then Halloween has always been fun, hanging out with friends going to costume parties...its funny I met a guy who is into Halloween as much as I am. before we were really together we went to the same events and he'd win best male and I'd win best female or best group.

Some of my best costumes have been an elephant which came from an upside down lawn swan with added paper masc he and ears.....a friend and I borrowed our wheelchairs from wheelchair basketball and made huge domes over them and went as a pair of eye balls it was pretty cool cause we glided across the floor. But I have to say now having kiddies of our own...this is the best!! I'm sooo excited to see her excited. The first Halloween she was a lil football player last year a chicken this year a bunny and a ladybug. Parker a cute lil bumble bee. I don't think they really care right now about Halloween but Doug and I enjoy the FAMILY thing....its just nice!
I'll have more pictures on the photoblog...
Happy Halloween All!!

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3 Responses
  1. Theresa Says:

    Wow I love the pictures - the one lying on the giant pumpkin, the one with the little football markings under the eyes, and the bird legs dangling when being held-they made me smile!!!

  2. Nancy Face Says:

    Your pictures are just adorable! I really enjoyed your cute post! Yay for Halloween, it's so fun! :)

  3. Sarah Says:

    Your baby boy is ADORABLE (I went to your picture blog too)-- I just had to say it. I work with cute kiddos all day, so when a baby stands out as that beautiful, you know it's something! :)

    Looks like fun- I love the little football player! Thanks for the comment. :)