Soooooooooo Kali has been in BIG girl panties for over a week now with only one accident. She is still wearing diapers at nite and wakes up with wet ones even though she does not go to bed with a bottle....sometimes at nite she wakes up and she goes potty but still has a wet diaper...and after that she sometimes asks for a milk before going back to sleep. So I guess my question is after how long do you start putting them to bed with NO MORE DIAPERS??? The thought of doing bedding everyday does not appeal to you have to let them wet the bed for awhile before they get it?? Or should I just be waiting for her to say no more diapers. Shes doing amazing with the lil girl panties....we bypassed the cloth training stage all together. I figured if shes gonna wet herself whats the difference between thick cloth or thin. But she only did that trick once and did not like it at all!! So how would you make the nite time switch from diapers to cloth? I am not going to be rushing in to this endeavor anytime soon but wanna know how to go about it and when? Soooo whats your take?

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  1. Jenny Says:

    As soon as I trained the boys they wore underwear to bed. The trick is to put them in underwear if they stay dry through the night. My boys did this before I trained them. I guess wait until she can go through the night without peeing.
    How soon before she goes to bed does she have something to drink?

  2. Janelle Says:

    i'm so excited for all of you parents that are getting your kids trained. but so sad for me - who isn't.
    oh well.
    way to go girlie! :) :)