Okay where to start!! They are growing like WEEDS!!!!!!Good, pretty weeds...sometimes!
So we are doing okay on the Kali potty training...shes not feeling great so shes had a couple of accidents the last couple of days. I swear Kali has been SNOT'TER DAUGHTER since birth!! Parker is just starting to get it so he is now BOOG'ER BOY!!
As you know we are potty training...Kali isn't one to carry dolls around she plays more with her lacrosse stick than she does anything else. But I saw her carrying her doll so I followed her....She brought her to the bathroom to put her on the potty. I thought maybe Kali had to tinkle so I asked her.
KJ " NO, Mummie. Dolly potty!" so she sticks the potty seat on the toilet puts her doll on it and walks out and leaves her there. I had to make sure "DOLLY" didn't go potting diving...but she was fine about 5 mins later Kali comes in picks up her dolly and hugs and kisses it and say "good girl"...It was soooooooooo cute!!
Ever since Miss KJ was lil I have made her help with clean up doing so I may have created a MONSTER!!! She is obsessed with HELPING!!! It doesn't matter what it is I'm doing she is right there copying me. She wants to hold the dust pan and we carry the dirt to the garbage. any loose debris on the floor she picks it up and puts it into the can. Dirty clothes she'll bring to the hamper upstairs or the laundry room downstairs, She wants to help unload the dish washer, she even will take the clothes out of the dryer for you. She knows to put her books on the bookshelf, her lil people in the I creating a NEUROTIC CHILD!!
The other day I emptied out my freezer to see what all was in it and to reorganize it. Well she came in and saw all the stuff on the floor and said " MUMMIE!! Clean up!...Kali Help!" and off she started carting stuff to the garbage!! I had to laugh. She was sooo serious in her voice.
I know if PT spits up cuz she'll come into the kitchen and say" EWWWE PAC'KER Yuckies, clean up"
Last week she asked for a glass of water so I gave her one.....about 10 mins later she comes into the kitchen walks over to the stove takes the tee towel and heads out, not saying a word...I follow and she is on her knees cleaning up spilt water reciting "Kali clean up now"
Penny and I went to dinner last nite and Parker or "PAC'KER" as Kali calls him was chewing on his shoe and got some of his cereal on it....well she spotted it and was trying to get out of her seat to "Clean PAC'KER's shoe now!"
I don't know if its just the stage she is in now but she has started to SUCK HER THUMB!!!! She shes Parker doing it and then she copy's him. She was never a soother baby and only sucked her fingers for a short time.....Doug and I keep telling her not to but she still tries. Is it a two year old thing or what??? Its driving us nutz!
She has also started to whine.....not all the time(THANK GOD) but enough that its driving me crazy with the whine or tears for nothing. She doesn't want me to help her with ANYTHING its met with "KALI DO MUMMIE" plus she does the hand in your talk to the hand pose only she says "STOP MUMMIE" Its funny at times....but when it goes on and on I feel like I could LOOSE IT!!!!! She now will lie down on the floor and hide her kicking and screaming ( YET AND LETS HOPE THAT DOESN'T COME), just puts her head down then a few minutes look up to see if you are looking at her. Then she gets up and does whatever like it didn't happen!! And after you have pulled all your hair out you sit there and shake your head in disbelief and have to smile. ( well most times...)
Parker is such a good boy...Kali was a good baby but he is unreal!! He LAUGHS and BELLY LAUGHS way more then Kali did. Kali was sorta serious looking...not PT he has nothing but smiles and giggles. But he is one chicken...Kali didn't budge around skill saws, drills, chain saw you name it, it never fazed her....Parker you shut the shower door and hes scared! He jumps really easily!! Its sooooooo bizarre how two children can be soooo alike and different at the same time. Kali NEVER played with her feet. Parker can't get enough of his own toe jam!! I have to say its really cute seeing him gnaw on his feet!! anyway its late I'm soooooooooo tired. and its really later cuz of time change so off to bed I must go! Storey time at the library with kidlets in the AM. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

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  1. LOve your blog....

    I'll be back again soon!

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    The whole story about Lali sounds exactly like PaPa is