Is it me or is the life remote stuck on fast forward!! I can't believe how fast everything is going and coming!! Christmas is literally right around the corner!! HOLEY SMOKES!!! I haven't even done my PT Thank you cards yet and now I have to worry about Xmas letter and cards!! I need to get a hold of the life remote to hit PAUSE button!!!!!

Anyway my MEALS for the week!
So we didn't get to do the GOUL'ash so thats on this weeks menu!! Tomorrow nite actually!
I have a abundance of spinach so ...Spanakopita and Chicken Soulvaki
spaghetti and meat sauce tossed salad
bbq mushroom burgers and fries
Rouladen, mashed potatoes and corn
quesadillas and greek salad
Hope everyone has a great week with good eats!! Don't be shy say HI!!!

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5 Responses
  1. Pen Says:

    mmmmm bbq mushroom burgers sound yummy! Your menu looks very tasty and a nice variety too. I'm going to pull my cookbooks out this week and pick a few totally new dishes for the upcoming weeks.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Great meal plan!!

  3. Thanks for dropping by Miller Manor. I'm with you, tuna melts are yummy. I messed up and had used the tuna earlier in the week, so we just had plain grilled cheese yesterday. Bummer. (it is a weekly tradition, since it is one of Ornery's faves.)

    Nice menu. It looks like quite a variety!

  4. Natalie Says:

    Great meals! I love your weight loss ticker! Too funny!

  5. Looks like a yummy week! Thanks for visiting me today. Spanakopita? Must share!