My first aid ticket expired the day PT was born!! In order for me to go back to work I have to renew it! I love doing the course...I normally have fun in it! I'm not sure how this time will be...I didn't have children the last time I had to take it!! I was pregnant with Kali when I did it last soooooooo I think I should probably be studying NOW!!! I just got my books the other day I'll be in Terrace for the January course...not looking forward to driving in winter conditions either!! UGGG.. anyway thought I'd leave a msg cuz my evening will consist of trying to read, absorb and STAY AWAKE for more than three pages at a time! If you are having a hard time sleeping let me recommend the level 3 first aid book to you!! you'll be knocked out in 5 mins!! Sooo with out further adieu its upstairs to get atter!!

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  1. Pen Says:

    ...must borrow your book, lol. Have a good night, hope you get some reading in.

    See you tomorrow!

  2. paleraven50 Says:

    yikes reading does put me to sleep as well, good luck on the first aid some things have changed haven't they? mine has expired as well and i only had the basic first aid. but you need the higher one right. ttyl

  3. Sharijoy Says:

    Yeah I need a level 3...I think the changes made are suppose to make it easier...we'll see