Can you say OUCH!!! So as you know I went to boot camp on Tues, it wasn't that bad. Yesterday I wasn't really!! MY ankles are killing me!! Of all places to feel the BURN...My ankles?? whats up with that? I think its from all the quick step side movements. My back was a lil tight tonite but not bad! So Tues we had 25 people at boot camp and tonite there was 14 of us (me thinks she scared a few!!!)......tonite we did ALOT of ab stuff so if you don't hear from me tomorrow then I was unable to sit up to get out of bed!! I know its not a big deal but today there was a huge bowl of tootsie rolls in front of me and I didn't have even one ( mind you I don't care for them much...but that wouldn't of stopped me before!) So I'm giving myself a lil pat on the back for today!! Yeah for me!!

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4 Responses
  1. Tajma Says:

    Good for you Shari it is a huge deal to pass up those tootsie rolls. At Torey's birthday I had 1 piece of cake (cake is my weakness...I love cake with lots of icing mmmmmm so good) and then I took the rest to the guys at work I know I have no control so I just got it out ha ha it was hard but I was really proud of myself. Keep up the good work I also have ALOT of work to do on myself just having a hard time getting motivated to make the first step.

  2. Pen Says:

    Yay!! Wait until tomorrow or Saturday you may be more stiff. Although you're so flexible! WTG with the Tootsie Rolls...patting you on the back.

    xo Pen

  3. Janelle Says:

    ok - i totally need to find a class like that! i also need your motivation. way to go girl!

  4. paleraven50 Says:

    way to go shari, baby steps is what it takes, listen to me, as i sit here at the computer, i'm proud of you all for getting out there and doing it. sue