Its just CRAZY how fast time is flying by!! Really I don't know where it goes!!! I have sooooooooo much to do, no time to do it and Kids to take care of. Our household is full of snotter daughter girl and boogie boy big and small! I'm battling a very sore throat and can MOM's afford to have a SICK day!! I swear my house looks like a tornado swept threw here and uplifted and dropped stuff everywhere!! My vacuum header belt smoked its self off sooooooooooo I have been vacuumless for like 4 or 5 days and its driving me crazy.....seeing all the floating tumble weed dog drifting hair around as well as just in general everyday dirt!!! I want to start getting Christmas things out and about but feel like I need to tackle soooooooooo many areas in my house I don't know where to start!! This is the time I wished we owned a house with a basement to CRAM all the things away I don't want to properly deal with right now!!
I should also be reading over my first aid stuff and haven't given that the attention it deserves. I did however start some of my Christmas cards....of course it was all the easy ones of people around town that I just have to sign our names on and give a lil blurb "Have a Great 2008!!"
Still need to do my Xmas letter, buy gifts to send away, wrap and attempt to get my parcels sent out sometime with in this next week!!
still haven't booked an appointment for a new family photo.
Dougs been working like crazy two day shifts 4 nite shifts 2 days off and back at'er. The nice thing is he does like his new job!!
I'm hating the fact that I have to go back in Jan...... Boy do I hope I have the winning lotto ticket in my pocket. Have had two people contact me about the nanny is a no and the other one we have to interview....I don't like that shes a smoker....but her previous employer said her kids never knew she smoked and they never saw her do it. Thats one major concern of mine. I don't want my child to mimic the smoking thing or to smell of smoke....I just can't handle it. So we need to discuss it. But at least someone called!! I guess the other thing is to figure out what kind of a wage do you pay them? This is where it would be nice to have more girlfriends with kids!!
On another note I am loving both my photography class and my Bootcamp class. This past Saturday's Bootcamp was sooooo far the hardest one and it left me wanting more!! Monique is just awesome at what she does and its nice cuz every class is different we have yet to do the same thing twice. The photo class is great too I am learning alot about settings and stuff on my camera...Hope I can retain all of this info.
Completely off subject and in left field....has anyone ever wondered how such a small child can have such an humongous poop!! No really she had a poop that was as long as she is tall!!! I actually considered taking a picture of it!! It was that big!! I know gross topic...but really wear do they keep it?
Today she was soooo funny its the first time shes come into the kitchen and asked for a pickle....I thought what made her think about pickles? Don't you think a childs mind is fascinating? Where do they come up with half the stuff they come up with!!
Then in the afternoon I thought gee its been awhile I better put Kali on the potty.....I walk into my living room to find a naked child on my couch wearing a pair of orange socks......she had white ones on in the morning! I go to get her clothes, well she had an accident and used her clothes to clean up the tinkle on the floor and just put on new socks. I guess she thought I wouldn't notice.
Yesterday morning we're getting Kali dressed and I put her shirt on and tell her to put her arms in the holes....shes struggling to find the holes and pushing her lil arms sooooooooo hard that she farted!! It was soooo funny her lil face was like "ooppps" and then in only a cute lil kiddie voice " I tooted" and she started to laugh and said "cuuse me" Know if I was struggling soooo hard at something and farted would it be as cute??? I think not!!
Parker is growing like a weed still.....he now is trying to lift his butt up in the air to try and crawl....its soooo cute hes big milk jug six pack is still on the floor and his lil butt is trying to get air..... He has recently discovered his voice too.....hes always babbled but now hes figured out how to cry!! I was hoping to avoid that stage....he hasn't done it alot yet but has figured out that one of us will come to him quicker if he whines or cries. Well there you have it once again I SHOULD BE doing sooooooooooo many other things but felt the need to share in our crazy lil life!

and just for some crazy fun trivia do you know how many eyelids does a bird have on each eye?......come on leave me a guess!

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3 Responses
  1. Sharijoy Says:

    Okay the answer is 3.....birds have 3 eyelids on each eye.
    Hope some one gives me their that you know the right answer write in what you thought it was anyway!! Wasn't sure when I could post the answer next so thought I wouldn't leave you all hanging! PS Holly if you are reading this you can now leave comments by writing under anonymous and signing your name!! Hope you are still feeling good!

  2. SueakaNana Says:

    omg my life is so dull compared to yours but i have done all this before and aren't kids so much fun shari?? I wish you so much luck in finding a nanny, I'm stumped as to who i know out there. I know some young gals out there but would not recommend them as they are lazy and also don't have drivers licenses, but they do love kids, but nah you don't need them ttyl. sue

  3. Jenny Says:

    I was going to guess 2. 3 that's weird...btw how did you discover that tidbit out??
    It is amazing how much crap can come outta our little ones. The ones I've wanted to take a picture of is the ones that are specific shapes or letters...gross, but kind of funny weird!!