Gee we did really bad last week for following our Meal Plan......instead of Lasanga I decided to try the manicotti recipe from Bridget...well that made enough for three meals! I also was late getting home lastenite so we cheated and had Burgers and poutine. I LOVE POUTINE!!!

So carry over meals are tuna melts and fries
Roast dinner with mashed potatoes, yorkshires and corn
Moroccan chicken rice and carrots with a curried yogurt dip
Cheese and veggie Phyllo crust pizza
Fajitas and a tomato mixed pepper salad
Sausage and cheese empanadas and salad
BBQ Steak, cauliflower with cheese sauce and roasted potatoes

Hope everyone else has a great week!! I'm trying out three new recipes this week sooooooooooo wish me luck!!

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3 Responses
  1. Tiany Says:

    Everything sounds yummy!!!

    Have a great week!

  2. Natalie Says:

    The roast sounds yummy! We're going shopping this weekend, I'll have to pick one up for next week. :)

  3. KC Says:

    It all sounds tasty.
    I didn't even make a menu plan last week, knowing there was no way I would stick to it with Thanksgiving and all.
    Happy Monday