So I have to put it out there am I the only one NOT making money by blogging??? Who would of thought that this space I share funny tidbits and pictures and stuff could be a potential money maker!! Mind you I don't have the traffic as some of these other blogger people.....But I want to know more can someone fill me in on how it works...cuz I be CLUELESS!!! I see there are a variety of ways to do put "ad links" on your sidebar....but then what? do people have to click on them to be paid? or is it so many people = so much? I see people doing pay per posts so someone contacts you and asks you to write about Jiffy peanutbutter and you do a spiel on it and then what a cheque from Jiffy is sent to your house?? Or theres the high traffic this one works gets me!! The more people who click on your site someone will pay you just cuz!! Can we skip all that and just do the pay me just cuz bit!! I have a girlfriend here in blogland who is making enough money just from traffic and side bar ads to NOT GO TO WORK!!!! We are talking some real cake here!! Yet I still don't see how it REALLY works!!! So if you are a blogger making some coin is it worth it? I think I need to research this abit further and find out how to go about it!! If anything it is interesting.... and I guess a dollar is a dollar! HEY if they want to pay me to write about Kali finding toe jam or belly lint....well I just won't stop em!! There could be some real potential here!! Kalis at that stage where I could be promoting, nite time training pants, easy to eat kid stuff, new fancy learning kid toys, wipes, stain remover, alarms, child crying zapping collars, Velcro suits to stick your child to the wall so you can keep track of em, a baby talk translator all these things I could blog about and be if anyone reading this wants to send me free stuff to try out and blog about just contact my email and I'm sure we can work out some kind of a sweet deal!!

PS if theres no patent on the child crying zapping collar I call dibs!

My blog is worth $3,387.24.
How much is your blog worth?

Just found this and thought it to be funny and on topic!!

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  1. Pen Says:

    hmmm, guess no one wants to share in the wealth. My poor pathetic blog is worth $1,000. LOL