Okay today was day one of making my way back to a THINNER healthier me!! I must be held accountable for this sooooooo I am posting my weight and I added a weightloss ticker so I can keep track and be reminded of HOPEFULLY my success along the way!! Today was my first day at bootcamp! and though I was winded it wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be. I did it!! SUCKING wind...but I did it none the less! its a start! I weighed in there tonite and I was 207.6 pounds!! Doug is 2 1/2 pounds heavier than me!! That in itself scares me! I am a big girl ....I will never be THIN but I wanna be healthy for me, my kids and my hunny! I wanna feel sexy again! so my goal is to loose as much as 63 pounds!! that would bring me to 145 pounds and that for me would be perfect!! It would be nice to be a constant size 9 or 11. The funny thing is when I weighed that I thought I was FAT....and now I'm wanting to weigh what I was when I thought I was fat!!! LOL does this make any sense?

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  1. Pen Says:

    Glad to hear you survived Boot Camp and that it wasn't as bad as we were thinking, lol.

    It is time we become accountable and tackle the weight loss issue ourselves. I'm proud of you and though I love you as you are I know how much more content you'll be on the lighter side.

    Hugs and happy day thots,

  2. paleraven50 Says:

    way to go shari, you made your first camp, woohoo, and as for me doing the pics i even had mike involved, finally what we did, was put them on a disc and then put them on my blog. so ya it wasn't l,2.3 but now its on there. sue