Alright the two little years of Kalis life I have yet to be REALLY upset or frustrated.....And then there was yesterday!! Miss KJ fell asleep in the vehicle on the way home from grocery shopping so I decided to put her in Parkers play pen to sleep. ( Shes in BIG GIRL PANTIES now...soooo I didn't want any accidents on my couch cushions or on her bedding....I had ENOUGH to do!) Normally when she falls asleep shes OUT for at least an hour!! PT was playing contently in his exersaucer and I went into the Kitchen to unpack the grocery bags!! NOT EVEN 10 mins later I could hear talking...Well PT doesn't TALK YET! So I enter my living room to find my daughter on the change station of the playpen covered in VICKS........AND I MEAN COVERED!!!!!! I was devastated...her brand new faux rawhide jacket with pink fuzzys shinny from all the vicks she had on it!! She had the biggest SMILE on her face!! SHE knew...she knew she wasn't suppose to be playing with the was more a SMUG SMILE...a smile of ecstaticness of pure defiance...... Not only was she covered in the stuff, the playpen, all of Parkers blankets and toys from the playpen, the wall, the flooring we have stacked behind there......I'm not sure if she was trying to get in to the wipes container to clean up or if she just liked the feeling of gooping the VICKS on the plastic!! BUT IT WAS COVERED!!!!!!!!!! I swear Kali entered STEALTH MODE for her 10 mins of pure VICKS BLISS!!!! Like I didn't have enough to do NOW I have to clean VICKS UP!!!!! URG!! Anyone want a 2 year old?? I will say by the time I wiped down and cleaned everything off my nose wasn't as stuffy anymore..I was breathing a little easier!! The sad thing is I had just spoke to my MIL the day before about Doug and his siblings. Apparently Dougs litte brother was an easy baby to care for but was INTO EVERYTHING when he was older....example...MIL would come downstairs to find Kevin PAINTING THE WALLS WITH PEANUT BUTTER!!!! before I hung up with her I said HOPE I DON"T HAVE ONE OF THOSE KINDS OF KIDS!!!!....Next time Note to self KNOCK ON WOOD after stating something like that!!!!

List of to bottle of VICKS!

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2 Responses
  1. Pen Says:

    I think KaliJoy may just have to wear her bear bell in the house now too!! LMAO

  2. Christy Says:

    Wow!! I can't even imagine how hard that was to clean up!!!