Well yesterday was one BUSY day Kali had gymnastics in the morning and Doug was day shift so I had pack Parker up drop him off at Babas run to gymnastics for an hour drive to the village and drop off Kali at Syds house for a play date run back out to cablecar...EAT, put dishes away reload dishwasher run back into town for bootcamp, after an hour of butt kicking workout pick PT up drive to village pick up Kali and drive home only to find that Doug has beaten me there!! Was I really gone from 10:15am till 5:45pm!! WOW!! Still needed a shower! needless to say I was in bed by 8:30 pm reading first aid book till 10:30pm and I'm sure the last hour of that I didn't absorb a thing.
Kali has started to become such a lil copycat!!! She came home from Syds lastnite and we'd ask her to do something and she'd say "No Hun Knee"in the course of a few hours she'd said it at least a dozen times!! It was pretty funny...
me "Kali do you have to go potty?"
Kali "No Hun knee"

So this morning I put her on the potty and she said the same thing " No Hun Knee" so I phoned Auntie Shelley and said...." Alright who was calling Kali HUNNY!!" She laughed and asked "why?" I explained to her and she said Kali was saying that all day yesterday so she thought I called her Hunny. Now I'm not sure!! I do call her hunny occasionally ......Its got to be Auntie Penny!! Auntie Penny is it you!! do you say " No Hun Knee" Where ever she got it from its pretty cute!

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