view of my burried backyard
my front driveway...look we have our own sledding hill
another front yard view
our front yard of to the side!!

Here you go Papa and this enough snow for you? Gord you must miss

I'll have to get you some pictures of us plowing the driveway with a FRONT END LOADER!!!!!

Everyone wish me luck I start my OFA3 course tomorrow.....pray for clear roads too as I have to drive to Terrace and back everyday for two 1/2 weeks!!
Sorry been studying so haven't uploaded any xmas pics YET!! But I will!!

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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I used to shovel that much snow by hand!!
    Good luck on the course, you will do well!

  2. SueakaNana Says:

    Hi Shari, I just posted some pics for sandra in Arizona. You will do just fine on your course and you take it easy on that miserable road and watch out for all the other silly drivers ok. Good luck to you Shari, Are you sure Gord didn't have a snow blower, but hey his driveway was small too hehe and i say anything from loader to blower bring it on. Mike and i keep thanking our snowblower after the driveway is done, take care and good luck ttyl