Friday nite ….thou RUSHED!!!! Was a very good get out and do something kind of nite. Both Dougie and I were day shift. So we had to run home he got the kids from Trudi’s. I picked up our babysitter Taylor after work, RAN home showered, dressed, did hair, (best I could), did make up, (best I could), gave Taylor run down on Kidlets routine….(been awhile since shes sat for us). Prepared baby bottles, got our tickets for the show ready so I wouldn’t forget em, pre ordered our dinner so we’d eat with our friends and not be late to the show. Left phone numbers incase of emergency, and showed her where all stuff is. (insert ADRENALINE RUSH)
PHEEEEEWWWWW……Made it in time to enjoy said meal with friends (Penny, Laura, Adam and Colton) Then we all went to the MET ( Mt Elizabeth Theatre) for a packed performance of “Outerbridge.....Magical moments in time” Its this guy, Ted Outerbridge …… and his wife, Marion…. Who do a magic/illusionist show. It was pretty good I quite enjoyed it….and of course we all were trying to wrap our brains around how he did certain things. Most of it was pretty cool. The cheesy dancing in the beginning of the performance had me trying not to laugh but by the end of the show you were use to it…..Also to boot they had an equipment malfunction so his Grand entrance was not as grand as it was suppose to be. But it was entertaining. It was just really nice to get out with friends enjoy the evening kid free. (thou truth be told I was thinking “I think Kali would of enjoyed this!” Then second thought nay she’s too young) Afterwards I wanted to go out maybe play some pool have a couple of drinks….but my old fuddie duddie Duggie didn’t think to highly of that suggestion. So instead we went to Lauras and Adams had some appys and just good ole chatting with drinks ofcourse. It was great and something MR MAN and I need to do more often.
I think the funniest part of the evening was when Adam said to Doug “ HEY speaking of boobies did you see the RACK on our waitress?” Doug with blank stare say “NOTHING COMPARES TO THE RACK I”VE GOT…..can’t say I noticed em!”……guess he only does have EYES for me!! LOL ……on the topic I don’t know if I ever told you’s what he joked about me at work!!
Awhile ago when he first went back to work off of parental leave some guy he works with said to him. “ Wow Dougie I saw Shari in Terrace the other day and holy her boobs are huge from having babies” Doug nonchalantly replies “ Yeah I know shes banned from entering any foreign countries on the grounds of being dangerous!” the guy looks and Doug and says “Really why?” Doug answers “ Well she is packing around 2 SCUD MISSILES!!” hope you all have a great weekend!! I’m stuck working….but I’m on VA-K next tour. YIPPIE!!!

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