Today I received a cool apron made by a B.C Artist Karen Hollowell
from my sis in law......its kinda manly with a blues guy on the front all in black. I put it on and Doug has claimed it for himself. I know it sounds ridiculous but he looks pretty HOT in it. Its all fitted nicely around his bod, with his tight lil buns hanging out the back. If only I could get the kids outta the house and convince Dougie boy to ONLY WEAR the APRON and make me a nice chocolate fondue for him to serve me.......ahhhhhhhh DREAMING!!! Anyway back to the APRON, I guess I'll borrow his till I get my own GIRLY one and I wanna get a lil mini one of mine for Miss KJ too.
With the apron Karen has added music choices to cook by. I Thought that was a cool touch. I'll have to check out her choices.

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5 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    Just make one for Kali!

  2. Sharijoy Says:

    THATS TOO MUCH WORK!!!! right now! that would involve finding my sewing machine and a spot to put it...well I know where it it but its BURRIED under 100 other boxes...maybe easier to buy one or pay someone to make me two. Gotta find material I like first! Once my upstairs is done I'll have a sewing spot. Then I gotta learn HOW TO SEW!!!..... My gal pal Holly sew, shes just a lil too far to teach me!! and have you had that baby yet??? mind you now your just a day over due. hope you are feeeling GREAT!! keep me posted.

  3. Sharijoy Says:

    Thats Holly not Jenny!! LOL about the baby part!

  4. Jenny Says: there something I should know????

  5. Pen Says:

    LMAO, Was wondering if there was something Jenny wasn't sharing, lol.

    Shari, you'll have to post a picture of the apron! I've got to get my hunny trained to wear just an apron, lol.