Lil Miss KJ is almost herself again....shes eating better, is more active, being goofy but still a lil whinny!! All and all shes way better!! Her belly is still a bit OUT THERE.....but it doesn't look alien and she isn't having anymore peanut butter poops. Shes too funny after a poop she'll now say holy macaroni!! or thats Gross! Where she picks up this stuff. It was a beautiful sunny day today...lets hope it really is SPRING now!! Kali went for a walk and she was waving away, so I asked her "Who are you waving to?" she looked at me dumbly " THE SUN MOMMIE!" On another walk we saw a full moon out during the day......She points and yells "Mommie, Daddie.....EARTH!!!" It was cute.

I didn't get a chance to go on yesterday and wish young man Gav a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISH from all of us! Where does 5 years go? I am excited for Jenny thou....with the age of 5 comes responsibility of wiping your own bum...which means our morning phone calls will be missing the portion of " Shari hold on a minute I gotta wipe Gavs bum!!" seems he is always pooping when we are talking!!...or maybe we are always talking!!

Can you believe last year we were getting ready for the arrival a our lil PT Cruiser.....and now hes almost one!! hes so kissable and cute!! Even thou he drives me crazy with hes separation anxiety!! I'll put him down with Doug and Kali and I'll walk out of the room and he starts to cry and boogie after me!! Its cute AT TIMES... drives me crazy mostly cuz I'm trying to get something done and can't!!

But if this is all I have to complain about for now LIFE AIN"T HAVE BAD!!!!

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  1. Jenny Says:

    I can't believe she was waving at the sun!!! that is adorable!
    Miss seeing you guys. I can't believe Parker will be one, Kali 3, Gavin's 5, Josey's 8 and Shay will be 11!!! Next thing you know our babies will be off graduating....oy....too quick!!(then marriage...then kids, then we'll be talking on the phone wiping our grandbabies bums!!LOL)
    Give the kids a big hug from me!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Kali was just copying papa's belly
    I now have an excuse for mine (Gas)
    Love Papa

  3. Sharijoy Says: should stop eating your own cooking then you'll be fine!!! more sneaking out for gas'ie snacks!!!

  4. Pen Says:

    LOL Gord!! You are bad!! I'm so happy she's feeling better and yes your babies are all growing up WAY TOO FAST!