Jenny and I had a phone convo the other day about how we file stuff. She said she was feeling weighed down by her lack of a system and I was telling her how she’d laugh at mine. So I told her I’d post some pictures of my filing drawers!!!! Now this is not for the weak…..some of you may start to actually hate me and if you think you may be that person STOP reading now!!! I don’t want to Loose any friends over how organized I am with my files!!!

So I have learned over the years that I prefer not to see stuff….I like it neatly tucked away somewhere but accessible and well taken care of. I have also learned that Doug is the complete opposite of me!!! Where I could have something buried away in a drawer marked neatly and easy to find…he on the other hand has a need to have it where he can see it and also pile it!!! Does not make life easy around here!! Except that well…..I’m in charge….so if he really needs something he’ll ask and I can find it for him in seconds.

Anyway back to my filing system…..I really do have a file for everything and everyone…including the dog!!
I start off with a to do file…..this is where I shove stuff I can’t get to right away or for things that don’t have to be done right away. Then there’s my stuff, my pension, my pay stubs, my taxes. I even have files within files!!! Take my tax file I have 7 folders within it and I rotate them back one every year and turf the last one to make room for the current one. Its rather simple. I also once a year go through all my household bills and chuck out the previous years. I group my files with in my file cabinet…..keeping like with like. Ex. All of our house files are in one area, bills in another, pay related, bank related, card related…you get the picture!! I break my house files down into separate files for house plans, house d├ęcor ( paint swatches, color and ref# for our rugs and tile, laminate flooring etc…then if something breaks or needs to be replaced or reordered I have all the info I need to do so.) I also have a home idea file (where I put things I really like and would one day like to do in our house.) then there’s the insurance, house assessment and property tax file. Each of the kids have a file, I have a file and so does Doug (Even though I don’t think he even knows he has one or what’s in it!) And YES I even have one for our dog Alibi!! I will say that I do put bills I have to pay on top of our desk I just clip them with a clothes pin to keep em all together, when they are paid then I FILE THEM!!!...see how easy this can be. The bottom of my file drawer is a scary place for me……it houses ALL and I mean ALL of our manuals for the tv, fridge, dvd, vcr, video camera, sports stuff, tool stuff, kids stuff…..Really if it were up to me I would CHUCK more than half of them….I figure anything you need to know about you could probably find the info online. But I have a hunny who likes to keep empty boxes that have nothing in them so IMPORTANT PAPERS WITH WRITING on it!!! You can’t get rid of that!! But I will say every once and awhile I will venture into this drawer and wean out stuff we no longer own or use or need for warranty purposes. But even this drawer is broken down into categories, there’s small gadgets, kids stuff, kitchen appliances and accessories, tools, sports equipment, outdoor equipment, telephone, tv, computer, laptop, camera/video … get the picture. I also have files for our vacations ( places to go or things to see and do) Funs stuff( kid craft ideas) gardening, keepsakes, it really is for whatever your needs are for filing.
Also if you don’t have a small fire proof safe you should really invest in one. We keep our passports, birth certificates, jewelry, small collectibles, and I have yet to do it but my plan is to take video of all of our stuff and load it onto a disc with the value amount just incase we ever have a fire or a break in then I will know exactly what we had. You should put copies of your house insurance papers, will, living will, life insurance polices, appraisals and a contact phone number sheet (family and friends phone numbers, medical health numbers and contacts, doctors number, credit card contact numbers, insurance numbers…..this every so often would have to be updated.)

Geez…think I’ll stop writing now!! I didn’t mean for this to be soooooo long! Sorry! Jenny hope you find it helpful and inspirational…..clean out those drawers chickie!!

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  1. Jenny Says:

    I'll post my filing system tomorrow!!!LOL
    Holy #$%#!! Imagine if Dug and I were a couple!!
    I do need to get a handle of my "filing" system. I'll be using this post as a reference.
    I think I threw out my file hanging thing for my filing cabinet. Actually I've renamed it..."the piling cabinet!!!"LOL