Well as you can tell by my title yesterday I ditched the kids over at Baba Irenes for the day and My Dug was at work...........can anyone guess what I did??? Spa day .....NOT!!!!! I enjoyed myself by painting my upstairs hallway, primed, painted ( only one coat so far) and the biggy ....I mean BIGGY was I ripped out the carpet and underlay and carpet tacks....still have a few staples to pull!! I know you are all thinking Doug must of had a fit!!! But he didn't....he didn't even say anything. I think he knows we need to get it done. Plus he has a list of stuff he'd like to do this summer outback to the shed. So we just help each other. Even thou its not something he'd REALLY like to be doing!! The only thing now is that I want to rip up the floor boards to access our ceiling fixtures downstairs in the entrance so I can add some extra lighting.......haven't told him of that plan YET!! So remember when I said it would only be 6 hours top now its at least a full DAY. Think I'll cut the old floor out have it all open and ready to do the electrical before I tell him!! Where is that skill saw of mine??? Huh gotta go locate it!! Wish me luck!!

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  1. Pen Says:


    I'm going to ambush Hal as well. He really wants to get the fence and deck painted and I need to get the gardens cleaned out and organized too BUT I've found my computer desk and lateral file. Now I've got to buy some flooring, paint and get started on the office when time allows.

    Can't wait to see it, what a huge difference it's going to make.


    ps: can you tell now, like I MISSED YOU

  2. Jenny Says:

    You're too funny!! I gardened yesterday and that was too much work!
    Sorry I missed you today. We'll have to pick a day and a time. What are you doing Saturday?Scott and the 2 older boys are away for a cubs weekend.

  3. Jenny Says:

    I miss you Joyfullness!!!!
    Give those babies big hugs from Auntie!!!