Just a quick post to say we are home from our trip to PG. It wasn't long enough or relaxing enough but it was great to get out of town, hook up with Family ( Nana and Papa met us and Dougs Auntie, Uncle and some cousins live there too) ohhhhhhhh and we mustn't forget spend TOO MUCH $$$$$$$$$$. Doug and PT had their birthdays there. My lil Parker in ONE now..... my goodness its all flying by. Hes such a different child compared to my KJ. He is going to be a HAND FULL!!!! He is pulling himself up onto everything, his fav is standing up pushing himself off of whatever hes pulled himself up by and falling to his bum and laughing!! Its sooo DAMN CUTE!!
Dougie got a compliment on his BDAY..... THIS WAS FUNNY!!!!!!
He and I are in Sears hes pushing Parker in the STROLLER and I'm slowly walking with Kali about 20 ft behind him. This GROUP of TWINKIES ( 12-14 year olds) see him and I over hear one of them say " OH MY GOD... Did you see that guy...he is sooooooooooo HOT!!" ......Insert massive laughter here!! So of course I need to embarrass my hunny further by repeating the story to him in front of the sales clerks who get a good lil chuckle out of it too. My HOT guy.... wouldn't trade him. Love him to bits!!

I do have pictures to post too but theres still the after mass of getting home and cleaning up, putting stuff away, dinner, nites tonite.....the list is endless!!

I didn't get to hear it but Dougie said he and Kali were out yesterday and she was playing on her bike honking the horn...then she runs up to him and yells " Daddie , Daddie I'm Horny" ...thank God no one was in ear shot!! lol

Hope you guys missed me!!

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3 Responses
  1. Janelle Says:

    oh my goodness...that horny comment almost made me pee my pants! toooo funny.
    and i'll admit it - i've thought about how handsome your hubby is one time or two! haha...

  2. Pen Says:

    I love it!! Kali has the best little funnies and the best part is she has no clue but will crack up laughing anyways.

    Great stories, sooo glad to have you home and can't wait to see you for more then 5 minutes!

    xoxoxoxo Pen

  3. Sharijoy Says:

    Janelle you are too funny!! Thanks I like what I got! But it was more the thought of 14 year olds finding a man pushing a baby that got me!! When I was their age I would never even of noticed an "OLD MAN" Its odd I use to think the age I'm at now was old now I think ...NAH 70's OLD!!!