I know writing this will not do what happened justice. Dougie, the kids and I were in Terrace a few days before we left on out trip to PG. He was looking at rakes on sale. Miss KJ was standing beside him and I had PT in the cart. Doug reached up to have a better look at this rake and before he could block it or stop it a pitch fork prongs forward came sliding off the wall and almost impelled our daughter!!! We freaked out!!! There was a young worker there who we complained to and said how dangerous this was and that we wanted all the forks removed from there and as we said it another fell to the floor. Kali didn’t cry or anything but both Doug and I were disturbed by it. I asked to see Kalis belly and Doug said shes alright it could have been soooooooooo much worse. When I bent down and had a look at her, her lil corduroy jacket had 2 pitch fork holes through it and scratches down her belly. Doug couldn't’t believe it had penetrated her coat……he was UPSET!! About 15 mins later a lil red mark on the side of her nose showed up. The manager was great made sure everything was changed right away and offered to buy Kali a new jacket and gave her and us Ice creams. They handled it the best way they could. Doug and I when we go there next time will be making sure the area is safe for others too.
But when I think of what could have been………. If that would of come onto bare skin like her face or penetrated her eye…I am SOOOOOOOOOO THANKFUL! I know she has a lil angel looking out for her. We thank God it wasn’t worse. How a ordinary day, doing nothing risky or dangerous could of left our daughter blind or maimed. I had nightmares about it for the first few days. And Doug was upset that his reflexes were'nt quick enough to stop it or break its fall.
It was just AWFUL!!!

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  1. Pen Says:

    Ms. Kali and PT have a few extra special Angels looking out for them and that day Ms. KJ was extra blessed.

    I'm amazed but extremely thankful that she wasn't hurt. Still shake my head at the holes in her little jacket and shudder at the thought of what could have been.

    Sending special thanks to her Angels for keeping her safe.

    xoxo Pen

  2. Anonymous Says:

    My Gosh! you're right, that could have been such a horrible thing! So glad she's ok. Glad to hear you made sure they changed it so no one else was in danger of being forked!