So everyone knows I LOVE TO RENOVATE!!!! While I was off on my two week vacation I set in motion a plan of attack to complete a few things on my EVER GROWING TO GET DONE LIST!!! I was able to successfully convince Duggie to cut out the floor boards and re wire the down stairs lights to recessed pot lights!!! LOOKS FABULOUS!!! We just have a few touch up spots on the ceiling to take care of. We put in 6 little 3 7/8 inch pot lights 5 in the hallway (4 in the wide section and 1 outside our closet and 1 inside the hall closet!!) You don’t know how excited I am over this!!!! Doug keeps saying “ENOUGH already Shari about the damn lights…..there just lights!” MEN… they just understand how important the lil things are!!! Anyway the upstairs laminate we installed we have our bedroom still to do and all the trim work and painting of doors. But what a difference. TO BOOT our hot water tank blew the day before we were leaving too so we had to get that done too. I had no part in helping with that!! I was too busying screwing the floor upstairs so it won’t creek anymore. Which is a huge beef with me you’d think they would pass a home building law that states glue and screwing are mandatory nails just give way after time. So the second week We went to PG…..we had a list of stuff to get at home depot (I COULD SPEND HOURS IN THERE) anyway we bought a new ceiling fan for our living room, we needed some electrical stuff and most exciting I was able to get my kitchen design started.

But anyway back to my title……the boys at work were asking me what we all did. I had just got off the phone with Duggie and he was changing all of the old style toggle switches to the new square looking face plates anyhow he needed me to pick up one for him after work.

This was my convo with two male workers when a third walked into the discussion already in suit.
Me “where do you think I can find a 4 way in town?”
Coworker “You sure you need a 4 way not a 3 way?’
Me “ Yeah …no we’ve lots of three ways they didn’t work….we definitely need a 4 way”
Other coworker” GOOD LUCK finding a 4 way HERE!!”
Eddie walks in on convo ……” What Dougie wants a 4 way…….?”
Then we all laugh and I said “Actually Dougie wanted a 3 way originally I wanted the 4 way but he told me no!”
Eddies MOUTH falls…..then I explain to me that we’re talking about light switches!!!!

For all the women reading this who have no clue about what I am saying I will clarify it very simply and you can AWE your mates!

a light with one switch ….most common

a light with two light switches if replacing you’d need a three way switch….basically it allows you to turn on and off your lights from either switch( there is no one on and off position either way could do it). ……if you have two switches to a light and it doesn’t work properly it is most likely because you have the single switch installed when you should have a 3 way. Most houses have some

then if you have a light and three switches you need one 4 way and two 3ways to have all switches turn on and off at any one point…..not very common and a 4 way switch can cost as much as $35 buckaroos…yes thats for JUST A LIGHT SWITCH!! Not that common in homes….BUT OURS HAS ONE!!

I have to give “SNAPS” to Duggie cuz he is such an amazing trouble shooter…..He thinks outside of the box and hes able to figure stuff out with ease…. It would of taken me at least 5 different tries before I thought to reinstall the old switch to see if it was the new switch or something else.!!

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2 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    Even though you have described the 3/4 way lights, I still have no clue exactly what you are talking about!!LOL
    I really think you should apply for HGTV "Handyman Carpenter"!! You would be a shoe in!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This was HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing :-)